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  • Costa Rica Waterfalls

    There is something very magical about Costa Rica waterfalls! How can something roaring and powerful also be serene and calming? Costa Rica is blessed with hundreds of these natural wonders and Guanacaste has some of the nicest. Some waterfalls surprise you by jumping into view as you round a bend in the road. Others require more …

  • Costa Rican Tamales–A Christmas Tradition

    Costa Rican tamales are kind of like the Christmas cookies of Latin America.  They are everywhere in December, and they’re a tradition worth experiencing. However, Costa Rican tamales differs both in appearance and flavor from Mexican tamales. What they have in common is the “masa”—the cornmeal filling. Both are often made with pork and cooked in …

  • Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

    “When you get here, everything turns into a green paradise, full of wildlife. It cannot be described in a few words. It is absolutely fantastic. On earth, under water, everything is indescribable.” Where am I? Costa Rica’s Cocos Island. Cocos is a 9-square-mile island about 300 miles off the southwest coast of Costa Rica that …

  • PriceSmart Costa Rica is coming to Liberia!

    PriceSmart Costa Rica has announced plans to open its eighth warehouse club in the country—this time in Liberia! It is expected to open in the summer of 2020. The good news is that it is already under construction, and it is located right in front of the Liberia International Airport. What is PriceSmart? And why …

  • Costa Rica Renewable Energy Sources

    Costa Rica renewable energy comes from 5 different sources: hydro-power (78%), wind (10%), geothermal (10%), biomass and solar (1%). Recently, the country went 271 days without burning fossil fuels for electricity. More than 99% of Costa Rica’s electricity is produce this way. As a country, Costa Rica has a geographical advantage over others because of its …

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