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  • Travel Insurance for Costa Rica

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries are requiring tourists to purchase travel insurance prior to visiting, and Costa Rica is no exception. Even as a seasoned traveler, it may not have been your habit to acquire travel health insurance. But in the new reality of pandemics, it is something to be considered even if not …

  • Ship your stuff or not?

    Your move to Costa Rica is a chance to start over, start fresh. Surely you won’t need to ship all your personal belongings to Costa Rica. You are going to get rid of everything and live the simple life. Well, not everything. In fact, there are a few sentimental things you simply can’t part with, …

  • Build a Home in Costa Rica, Save on Taxes

    Are you thinking of building your dream home in Costa Rica? I have done it 2 times already. It can be a very fulfilling experience; it can also be a nightmare if you don’t choose the right builder. Fortunately, I got lucky with both contractors I selected.  They were great. A Lot of people are intimidated …

  • Realtors, How to Choose in Costa Rica

    Knowing how to choose a realtor in Costa Rica makes all the difference in whether your purchase or sale of real estate is a success or a struggle.  It can be a nerve-wracking process. It always involves money and unknowns, and, frankly, salesmen have been the subject of many jokes, even if they aren’t selling used …

  • Utilities in Costa Rica, Changing is easy!

        How do I go about changing the utilities in Costa Rica, as in water, electricity and internet service, for my new Costa Rica property? This, is a question I get asked on every property I have sold and I am sure it will come up again, so I decided to do a short …

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