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  • Costa Rican Last Will And Testament

    When living in paradise it can be difficult to think about the less savory topics such as your last will and testament. Costa Rica will honor your US/Canadian last will and testament only after it has gone through the probate process in your home country and can take up to 2 years to go through …

  • Buyer’s Closing Costs In Costa Rica

    A common question buyers have when purchasing property in Costa Rica is “what are the closing costs”. This is actually a very easy question to answer as the laws of Costa Rica dictate what the bulk of the closing costs are. When purchasing a property the closing costs will be a percentage of either A) …

  • Annual Taxes and Filing Requirements in Costa Rica

    One of the few constants in life is taxes and fees. No matter where in the world you may live, there is a price to pay. Thankfully, here in Costa Rica it is a very small price to pay. Let’s start with annual taxes. Each year all property owners must pay their property tax. Costa …

  • The Final Costa Rica Covid Update

    I am pleased to announce this is the final Costa Rica Covid update blog! As we head into this upcoming high season, we hope to enjoy Costa Rica as we did pre pandemic.  Covid-19 cases continue to drop in Costa Rica. Although we will never be completely rid of Covid-19, this country has done an …

  • Slang & Sayings In Costa Rica

    Sometimes Spanish class just isn’t enough, especially when it comes to learning these Costa Rica slang & sayings. Each Spanish speaking country has a slight variation when it comes to their language. Similar to the differences in British English and English spoken in the United States. Here is a list of all the most common …

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