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The First Real “Measurable” Rain in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste for 2013

Over the past few weeks you could tell the transition from dry to green season was upon us. The humidity was starting to build and the days were getting really hot. I know my plants have all been waiting for a mother nature watering verses what I do for them every week.

Last week while I was enjoying a day on the beach, playing frisbe, and chatting with friends, one lone cloud, although pretty big, started to pass over the south side of Playa Hermosa. My friends and I all said at about the same time “God I hope it rains” and all of sudden we started to fell a few sprinkles fall. It was like a bunch of Indians in the old days looking skyward praying it would really rain. Well we were all disappointed, what fell wasn’t even enough to wet the sand.

This morning about 5:30, while drinking my favorite coffee and watching the birds in the back yard and the dogs playing I could feel the humidity was already pretty high, so I checked it and it sure was, 89%. All of sudden I glanced toward the pool and I could see the droplet holes in the water that rain makes. It started very lightly and my thought was “just another tease”. I was pleasantly surprised to when it really started to rain and maintained the intensity for about 30 minutes. 

At the beginning of the dry season, my friends and I always make a bet and prediction as to when will be the first measurable rain in Playa Hermosa. My wonderful wife Pamela keeps the list, so I will have to check with her to see who won the bet for this year.

If you have read my blog before you know I like to measure rain, I won’t go into the story about Just check old blog post from last year and you will find it. So once the rain stopped I checked the rain gauges and it was actually a measurable amount. 1/10 of a inch of rain fell in the short time frame. So for me it was the real official first rain of the season in Playa Hermosa, well at least at my house where the gauges are set up. Now all we need is about two and three quarters inches more rain and POOF everything will be green again. It only takes one really good thunderstorm and the hills will lush and green in about a weeks’ time.

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