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Real information and stories from Guanacaste , Costa Rica. Presneted by a long time expat living and working in Costa Rica
Is Dental Care in Guanacaste as good as all the hype about dental tourism!!

Well last week I woke up with a bit of a tooth ache, I haven’t had one of these in years. Being a bit hard headed, I thought it would just pass. Well stupid me, it did not.

My normal dentist only works Tuesdays and Thursdays and I needed it to be looked at right away. So I called Dr.Daianna Moraes Quiros , in Playa Del Coco, and she said no problem come on in. I told her what I was feeling in my mouth and she lets have a look, by the way she speaks perfect English which is a relief when you dealing with medical stuff or dentists you want to understand what’s going on Right? 

So Dr. Daianna found the culprit was a broken old filling and basically told me I have a few options, drill it out and refill, cap it with a crown or consider an implant as the tooth also has a crack in it as well and was going to need work. So we, Actually my choice as I am the client, decided to drill out the old filling, pack it with some medication to prevent an infection and make an appointment for the following Monday to fill the old filling.

Well over the weekend the paid got actually much more intense and no matter what I ate hot cold, even temperate food and drinks it hurt.

So Monday morning I go in and tell her about the weekend. She decided that she needed to look deeper into the tooth to see if there was a microscopic crack that did not show up on the original x-ray.  So she numbed me up and stated to drill a bit more, then she took a dye and inserted it and sure enough there was a fracture going down towards the root. She said I needed to have a root canal ASAP. So she called a specialist from Liberia that only does root canals and that’s it. We set the appointment for the next day.

Tuesday morning comes and Dr. Delgado (not the vet I wrote about, but has the same family name) showed up at the office in Coco and said” let’s get this show on the road” I have to be honest with you I am a chicken when it comes to dental work. Dr. Delgado made it as pleasant as a root canal could possibly be. She was very caring, spoke great English, played soft music off her laptop and explained every step of what was going to happened. Throughout the whole time she informed me of what she was doing and the results of her work. Even when she thought she was done she said “let’s take one more x-ray just to make sure we got everything as your canals are very long and deep”.  Needless to say I was impressed and she found that she still had to go a bit deeper. I am happy to say that I felt almost nothing just some pressure when she was pushing and pulling as all dentists do. When we were done she said I would need a temporary filling and then a crown over the tooth. The same ad Dr. Daianna said, and I already had the return appointment set and ready to go.

After I left, as with any major dental work done, you face is all numb and I was think to myself “ok I bet it is going to hurt like crazy once this Novocain wears off”.  Boy was I shocked, 2 hours later my face came back to normal and low and behold, yes there was some pain, but nothing like I thought it was going to be or what it was like before.

Here is the best part, I was ready to, as the saying goes, “pay thru the teeth”. So I asked he if she takes credit card and she said “sure no problem, todays service will be $350.00 dollars, is that Ok with you”? I was floored I could not believe I had a specialist work on me for 2.5 hours and it was only 350 bucks. I whipped out that credit card so fast and here you go. I remember when Pam had one done years ago when we lived in the states and it cost close to $1200.00. The previous Friday, Dr. Daianna had only charged me $35.00 for finding the problem, when we discussed the crow I asked her, “just out of curiosity what is the cost for a crown”?  She replied they are $400.00 each is that OK? With a big smile I said great if that’s the way I have to go then let’s do it and while we do that one let’s fix the old crowns I had done in the states.  She took a Look and agreed with me that they needed to be replaced as both were starting to come loose after 15 and were worn down a bit. Can you believe it, $400 each, holy crap I paid over $3,000.00 for 2 of them 15 years ago.

So is the dental work good here in the local area, I have to say yes as I am very happy with the service I have received and I am shocked at the cost. So if you need dental work done, do your homework find a good and reputable dentist, ask many people what they think get recommendations, there are many good dentist and specialist here in Costa Rica. And remember one thing, just because it is cheap does not mean it will be good, you get what you pay for everywhere in the world. But here the value and quality are top notch.

As always, thanks to my steady followers for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoy some of my rants, craziness and even some good information, if you want to make a comment just send me an email to jaaechef@gmail.com , my personal email address or post it here. If you have an interest in or are just curious about Costa Rica and the possibility of owning your own piece of Paradise just click this link and have a look around.


I look forward to hearing from you! May the Sun Shine on you no matter where you are!!

“Pura Vida” Pure Life Baby!!


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