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Johnny Rockets open first Costa Rica location!

Well it was inevitable that you just can’t get away from the fast food franchises, even here in Costa Rica. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a Burger King Whopper once every Blue moon and even Jonny Rockets is not a bad quick meal for on the run. But please do not over saturate this beautiful country with lousy food choice.

Here is the link to the article that was posted today in one of the local newspapers; http://www.ticotimes.net/More-news/News-Briefs/U.S.-burger-chain-to-open-first-Costa-Rica-location_Monday-June-10-2013

Personally I prefer the fresh bounty of natural fruits and vegetable I can get at the local Feria, or farmers market. There is a great one in Liberia every Friday and Saturday morning and the choices are abundant and the prices are out of this world cheap. There is another one right in Playas Del Coco that is open seven days a week. Granted at this one you will not find too much lettuce or produce that really needs to stay under refrigeration because the owners only bring in items that won’t rot.

As being a retired executive chef, cooking is still a love of mine and always will be. The choices of fresh food and let’s not forget about the great fresh seafood I buy here, make creating a good tasty healthy meal worth the effort. Just last night I made a screaming vegetable stir fry with sweet red peppers, spicy jalapenos, onions and garlic, white cabbage, carrots and fresh ginger, all Locally grown and just days off the vine or out of the ground. Just to finish the recipe I sautéed it all in a touch of dark sesame oil, green Thai curry paste and coconut milk; yes you can get products like this here! I served it over steaming whole grain brown rice with fresh mango and green onion then topped it with locally grow crushed cashews or as they are known here, semilla de maranon. Boy was it good.

Costa Rica has tons of great natural food products, but I do understand once in a while it is nice to have a juicy/greasy burger with french fries and malt. You just have to work it off later, like taking a good healthy long walk on one of our great beahes!

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