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Some New Scuttlebutt about the Marina Project in Playas del Coco

Yes many people were very excited years ago about the thought of having a marina in Playas Del Coco. The thoughts of many local fishermen were, “Great I don’t have to drive to Sardinal with 5, 10 gallon containers to fill up with gas and then haul them out to my boat”. It has been more than, what seems like forever, over six years since the National Tourism Board of Costa Rica (known by its initials ICT in Spanish) came to Playas del Coco in Guanacaste to announce the approval for a marina development project that would bring a large marina with enough dock space to accommodate almost 300 yachts and administrative and business operations.

The Marina de Playas del Coco project has been on the drawing board for almost a decade now. When the ICT  delegation left , the investors and developers of the most ambitious marina in Costa Rica prayed that local and central government bureaucracy would not throw a wrench into the works but something else did.!

That was back in 2008. Then the US housing market boom was coming to the end and the bubble began its painful burst. Then months after the ICT told the developers “go ahead with your project”, the subprime mortgage meltdown began and the availability of easy money dried up thanks to the credit crunch that almost collapsed Wall Street.

Most of Costa Rica, fortunately fared a little bit better than expected during the financial crisis, but the tourism industry took the major hit as North Americans were not coming in the droves like they had during the hay days of the real estate bubble. As a result, many projects such as Coco Marina were put on hold until conditions and liquidity improved. Well that time may be now as the scuttlebutt going around town says the Marina Is back on track.

The Coco Marina, if built will be a major boon to tourism in the area and for real estate as well. Playas del Coco is already a big draw for visitors, with the re-building of the Liberia International airport and more flights arriving all the time. If the marina does get built the area can expect to see business and employment growth directly and indirectly.

The Municipality of Carrillo (this is the scary part, as it is administered by people with no vision beyond tonight’s dinner) will be in charge of issuing the business permits and contracts while the El Coco Marina Development Association (ASODEMAC in Spanish) will be responsible for construction and adherence to environmentally-friendly policies and requirements.

Let’s just hope the environmental terrorists that stopped the water line for Playa del Coco don’t get involved or it can be another 10 years before this well needed boost to the local economy is completed.

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Posted: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 2:46 PM by Joseph A. Emanuelli


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