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Playa Hermosa Rainy Season so far not that bad!

Last year I had started doing the daily weather and realized I must have been nuts to take that on, so I have been just doing some month updates of the rain amount we have received so far this year.

As of yesterday September 4, 2013, I have measured a total of 32.7 inches of rain for this season which the first rain fall was recorded on Friday May 3rd and was .1 of an inch.

As most of you know the average for this region of Costa Rica is 40-60 inches a year so we are already close to our low side average. The next 2 months should be interesting to see what Mother Nature sends our way as September and October are usually the two months that we get most of our rain fall.

Now for those that have not been here and are reading this you may be thinking, holy cow that’s a lot of rain! It must be cloudy all the time. That is not true at all. As an example today it is clear, sunny and just beautiful, but that’s not to say later this afternoon we will get one of those famous afternoon thunderstorms that can drop 2 inches of rain in a hour. That’s is what is the norm for this time of the year.

Just to give you some more information. Last year, 2012 we received a total of 68.8 inches of rain, the year before that, 2011 we had 73.3 inches of rain and in 2010 we got 88.1 inches. The great thing about Playa Hermosa is that all the rain flows to the ocean and we never have any problems with flooding as some flat areas do.

Only time will tell what the next couple of month will bring. Check back to find out as I will write about the rain fall again in the beginning of October.

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Posted: Thursday, September 05, 2013 10:39 AM by Joseph A. Emanuelli


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