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Guanacaste Rainy Season Still Going

Guanacaste Rainy Season Still Going

Well here we are the beginning of the second week of November and the 2013 Costa Rica rainy season is still chugging along. In past years the rains had stopped in the end of October with just an occasional thunderstorm or sprinkling of rain here and there. This year so far it has rained almost every day in November. Not great amounts of rain but still measurable. As of today I have measured 3.2 inches of rain. In some places in the US and Canada, this is the average annual rain fall.

Yesterday while enjoying the afternoon sitting on the beach 2 different times clouds moved over the beach and a light rain fell for just a few minutes. A good friend of mine actually liked the idea that it was not over powering sun shine and the light rain cooled him down. He is from the far northern regions of the US so 88o weather may be screaming hot for him. Anyway it was a lovely day, the ocean was nice and warm, my friend commented on that as well, saying he could not go in the Ocean even in August on the coast of New Hampshire without a wet suit on! The sun set was just dynamic for the clouds causing all sorts of pinks, and purples and oranges it was spectacular.

I read a report in the local newspaper from the meteorological service that the real pros are declaring the rainy season to be over in 2 weeks. Well as we all know you cannot really predict Mother Nature so we will just have to see what comes our way.

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Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 11:58 AM by Joseph A. Emanuelli


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