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The Little town of Sardinal, Carrillo, Guanacaste is located about 10 kms from downtown of Playas del Coco. Sardinal is a typical Costarican worker neighborhood of near 15,000 of population. Most of the workers in Sardinal are related either with agricultures or tourisms which are the 2 main economic resource of this region. Sardinal has huge fields of melons and sugar cane and they are dozens of Four and Five Stars hotels all around the beach coast within less than 15 minutes from Sardinal that needs national labor to attend the thousands of tourist that come in the region of Papagayo each year.

Because of all the improvement of infrastructures in the region, Sardinal also got upgraded from the little town of very humble people who barely could have a living to a prosper tico neighborhood with all his main streets paved, new businesses and restaurants opening, better public clinic, bridges repaired and much more…

Sardinal is also known to have the only public golf course in the region called “Tres Volcanos” located in “La Libertad of Sardinal” neighborhood where all expats and residents drove through Sardinal to get to the golf.

Sardinal still has the traditional customs and activities with bull rides, traditional holidays, typical band in the park of Sardinal, pool table tournament topes a traditional horse parade and more.

There´s still plenty of farm land in Sardinal for someone that would want a Tico lifestyle or set up a gentleman farm with horses and cattle of just grow luscious fruits and vegetables. Sardinal is very close to all the amenities that are offering the beaches communities and also located just 25 minutes from Liberia International airport and 35 minutes to the capital town of Guanacaste, Liberia which is the largest city of the province of Guanacaste.

Except for the golf course, Sardinal doesn´t offer too much attraction for tourist or visitors however when you want to get a real feel for Costa Rica this little town is essential to visit.

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