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Las Palmas in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

A lively and diverse residential community nestled in the heart of Playas del Coco, Guanacaste. This neighborhood is a mosaic of over 50 condominium complexes and charming single-family homes, each offering a unique living experience suited to a range of tastes and requirements. Whether you're seeking to invest in property or find your next vacation home, Las Palmas presents a bustling yet serene environment ideal for both.


Las Palmas is noted for its affordability, which makes it a highly attractive option for those dreaming of retiring in a tropical paradise, relocating for a lifestyle change, or owning a vacation spot that won’t stretch your finances. Our variety spans from snug one-bedroom studios to expansive three-bedroom units with rooftop terraces—ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone.


The community prides itself on modern amenities designed to enhance your lifestyle. Most complexes here are equipped with refreshing swimming pools, ample parking spaces, laundry services, and high-speed fiber-optic internet. The lush, well-maintained landscapes provide a backdrop of tranquility and beauty, enriching the everyday life of residents.

Safety and Security

Security and safety are paramount in Las Palmas, with vigilant nighttime security giving residents peace of mind that their home is secure. The neighborhood also features quaint green spaces—ideal for relaxation and connecting with nature.


Located just a short walk from the northern edge of Playas del Coco beach, Las Palmas offers effortless access to sandy shores and tranquil waters. The local downtown area, filled with a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, is easily reachable for a pleasant day out.

At the gateway to the community, you’ll find two bustling plazas—Pueblito Norte and Pueblito Sur. These hubs offer essential conveniences like a grocery store, a range of dining options offering Italian, Mexican, and traditional Costa Rican dishes, and one of the town's top seafood spots. Additional amenities include cozy coffee shops, healthcare facilities, and even a tattoo parlor, ensuring that everything you need is just around the corner.

A Great Investment and Place to Live

Las Palmas stands out as a vibrant, welcoming community that promises an affordable, comfortable lifestyle. Whether your goal is real estate investment, launching a vacation rental business, or enjoying a relaxed retirement, Las Palmas caters to diverse aspirations. For more information on specific complexes or any other inquiries, please feel free to reach out—I'm here to help you discover your ideal home at Las Palmas.



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