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When you are seeking a larger parcel of land for sale in Guanacaste, I recommend you take a look at the many farms and ranches (also called fincas) that dot the hills and mountains in the area. These large parcels of land allow you a great deal of space to do all the things you love. Whether it be stables for horses, planting fields or owning livestock, there are farms available for these purposes.  And, as a foreigner you are allowed to own the ranch you've always dreamed of.  Even buying a ranch or a farm is not your objective, there are large lots that include generous acreage, or large farms to enjoy the beauty, serenity, and lifestyle you desire - all within easy access to modern facilities and amenities.

A ranch or farm in Costa Rica represents an excellent opportunity to start a new business or development to generate revenue, or for your own personal pleasure.

These properties can also be great places to build rental properties. You can develop a resort property, rent out the ranch or farmhouse as a business, or create a bed and breakfast for tourists to enjoy. You will be the envy of friends and family as an expat living in Costa Rica.

Your new investment, and moving to Costa Rica, will certainly change your life – for the better!  Consider your long-term objectives.  If it’s retirement, then Costa Rica is the perfect place.  It’s easy to relax here. The beaches are all unique yet beautiful.

The lush landscapes and beachfront areas in Costa Rica are plentiful and can provide you with an exceptional way of life. Your quality of life will improve and you will find that both Costa Ricans and expats will welcome you. You will make many new friends in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica!



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