Moving to Costa Rica and the "Pura Vida" Lifestyle


You have been dreaming of the “Pura Vida” Lifestyle. Sunny days, spectacular beached, wild and adventurous mountain treks and don’t forget about the trip to the rainforest. You have been to Costa Rica enough times to know that you want to make the move; you made the decision that moving to Costa Rica is the right thing to do. So, what do you bring?

Pura Vida illustration

You could bring just about everything you own, but really? One of the reasons you are coming to Costa Rica may be to get away from it all, so why bring the past to the future. Just bring your clothes!

Cartoon of a moving van

All joking aside, yes there are some things that you should bring. I highly recommend you bring your health records and dental records, we have great healthcare in Costa Rica. Important files, this is a must just because you are starting a whole new life, some items from the past may still be pending or may need in the future. I.E. past tax filings records, investment portfolio information, thing like that.
If you are into a certain type of music, bring your CDs and player, remember this is a Latin country you may not be able to find the genre you like. Me as a retired chef, I love the simple style of cooking in Costa Rica, fresh and authentic. However, there are many times I want to spice it up a bit. Some herbs and spices are not easily found in Costa Rica, as in Asian and Indian ingredients. Try finding black mustard seeds here, Nope, but if you happen to know where it can be found in Costa Rica, PLEASE let me know!!

Illustration about moving to Costa Rica

Should you bring a car to Costa Rica? People often ask me that. I say forget it, it’s a car, buy one here, the sticker shock on the importation tax is enough to send you to the doctor. When I moved here over 10 years ago I filled a container full of stuff thinking I was going to need it. Most items needed up either being given away or sold on the cheap or are still in boxes.

Loading a car into a container for a move to Costa Rica

If you are moving to a home or condo that is partially furnished, even if fully furnished, you may want to bring new sheets and towels, the type and thread count you love. The same goes for some specialty cooking utensils or pans that you just can’t live without.

Stack of bath towels

Most importantly when moving to Costa Rica for the Pura Vida lifestyle, is to take close look at everything you have and really think about it, “do I have to have this to make me happy”? If the answer is yes, then bring it. The rest just give it away or sell it but don’t bring it, it just gets in the way.

Simplify your life, it’s the Pura Vida Lifestyle

Sunset with the words Pura Vida superimposed over the sky

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