Cars, golf carts, buses, or horses?


Cars, golf carts, buses, taxis, horses, or your own two feet… with so many options, which way is the best way to get around Playa del Coco, Playa Hermosa, or beyond?! To be honest, it’s all about personal preference! But the only way to make the right decision is to know what all your options are or what they entail. Let’s get started!

4x4 rental - a great way to get around Playas del Coco

Ways to get around the area

Renting a Car

If you are visiting Playa del Coco as a tourist and want to explore the rest of the country without being reliant on public transportation schedules, renting a car is a great option. There are numerous car rental agencies on the way from the Liberia Airport to Playa del Coco or Hermosa. The price can range anywhere from $200-$850 a week depending on the season, car, insurance, accessories, and your negotiation skills. Make sure you book before your arrival or you may be forced to use public transportation. My recommendation is Adobe Car rental . If you are moving to Costa Rica and would like to purchase a car, please check out two of my previous blogs.

Renting a Golf Cart

A golf cart is perfect for those who just need something for shopping around Playa del Coco or Playa Hermosa. It has plenty of space for your groceries, your dogs, or for some friends. This is a good option for vacationers and residents alike. There are multiple spots in Coco to rent a golf cart:

Prices range from $30-$40 a day depending on if you choose a gas or electric golf cart. A week rental ranges from $150-$200 and monthly rental ranges from $500-$600.

Main street Playas del Coco Costa Rica

Riding the Buses

Costa Rica has a well established public transit system but it helps to know a bit of Spanish. Buses are ideal for those who want to travel outside of Coco but still want to save money and have a more authentic experience. Buses are privately owned, so conditions may vary. Some may have AC or WIFI, depending on the company. Since there are numerous companies, the bus stops, routes, rates, and times will vary. For example, to take the Pulmitan bus from Playa del Coco to San Jose will cost you around $10.


Taxis are a very common transportation option in Costa Rica. Official taxis are red in color and have a light on top along with a yellow triangle on the car. They are quick and easy when just needing a ride every once in a while. A ride from Coco to Hermosa will cost you around $10-$15. Typically taxi services are priced per kilometer ($1-$1.50) with a surcharge to the airport or for trips after 10 pm.

Horses (just kidding)

I was kidding about horses being a serious transportation option… but they are wonderful for a sunset gallop on the beach or traversing across a farm. There are a few places between Playa Ocotal and Playa Panama to request a horseback riding tour and enjoy the company of these beautiful animals. Horses are a big deal in Costa Rica and Costa Ricans take a lot of pride in their horses. Make sure to check out the “Tope”, which is the country’s largest horse parade and is held in almost every town.

Tope horse parade in Playas del Coco

Your own two feet

The beauty of Playa del Coco is that everything is within walking distance! The grocery stores, the medical clinic, the beach, restaurants, and more are only a short walk away. There is plenty to do in Playa del Coco so why not stay and enjoy it?

No matter which way you choose to travel around town, you will find that you have plenty of options for any style or budget. If you have any additional questions or if you would like additional information on transportation options please feel free to reach out!

Costa Rica road sign advising drivers to watch out for monkeys, deer and coatimundis

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