La Paz School Scholarship Program For Less Fortunate Children


La Paz is an extraordinary school. One that thinks outside the standard school curriculum. The mission “is to cultivate informed and mindful citizens of the world”. La Paz shares this wonderful education with the local community by having a scholarship program for less fortunate children.

La Paz School in Costa Rica

First, let’s start with the basics. La Paz Tempisque is located in the town of Comunidad, behind the Papagayo Do It Center. The school hopes to accommodate 300 to 500 students, ages 3 to 18, from the following communities; Liberia, Papagayo, Coco / Hermosa, Filadelfia, Comunidad, Guardia, and Santa Cruz. The demographic of the students is a mixture of Costa Rican citizens, residents, and ex-patriots from all over the world.

So what makes this school special? Well, how many schools do you know of that have a chicken coop, an apiary, mandala gardens, or fruit trees? Not too many! Alongside the standard subjects of math, language, and science, children experiment with hands-on life skills and emotional philosophies. La Paz’s core curriculum is based on international baccalaureate, US and Costa Rican standards and benchmarks.

Now for the best part, the scholarship program! The La Paz Scholarship Program is donor-funded. Community leaders that participate within the school seek out underprivileged children in the local communities and offer them the opportunity to learn at La Paz. Oftentimes, a donor is partnered with the student they support to create a bond and give the student a sense that someone is watching out for them. The goal of the scholarship program is to help these less fortunate children become future leaders and raise up the underprivileged communities they came from.

La Paz school in Costa Rica

La Paz is having their 12th annual 5K race on June 11th, 2022 in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste. The goal each year is to raise money for the scholarship program! Over 88 less fortunate children have been able to receive an education at La Paz through this program. The goal this year is to raise $60,000, which will cover tuition for 6 students.

I knew I had to help out and be a part of this spectacular program! I became a diamond sponsor for the race in June. If you have a business, this is a great way to show your support and participate in the local community! Make sure to come to Playa Hermosa on June 11th to check out this incredible event. The kids even have their own little race on the beach!

How else can you help? La Paz is always accepting donations! No donation is too small. If you are interested in donating, please reach out to me at I will gladly send you all the information you need as well as put you in touch with Astrid, who is a helper mom at the school. For those who want to move to Costa Rica and send their kids to school here, I highly suggest La Paz. Come and take a tour of the school and see what it’s all about! You wont regret it.

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