Liberia’s Car Dealerships - Your Guide to the Latest Wheels in Costa Rica


The demand for reliable transportation is on the rise as the beautiful region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica experiences continued growth. In this blog, we'll take you on a journey through the various car dealerships in or near Liberia, highlighting some of the top brands and models available in this vibrant part of Costa Rica.

Grupo Purdy Toyota, Ford, & Volkswagen:

Purdy Motors showroom in Liberia Costa Rica

Toyota is a household name in the world of automobiles, known for its reliability and durability. Grupo Purdy Toyota, located in Liberia right next to Mcdonalds, offers a wide range of models, including the popular Hilux, Prado, Fortuner, and RAV4, which are well-suited to the rugged terrain and adventure-loving lifestyle of Guanacaste residents. Grupo Purdy Ford & Volkswagen, also in Liberia, is located in Plaza Santa Rosa. Ford has been a staple in the automotive industry for generations. At Grupo Purdy you can test drive the Ford Explorer, Everest, or Bronco! These vehicles are well-suited for packing everything you need for the beach or all your purchases from a shopping trip at Pricesmart. For those who appreciate German engineering, you can check out the Volkswagen Tiguan, Amarok Pick up Truck, or T-Cross. Volkswagens offer a blend of performance and style.

Grupo Q Chevrolet & Hyundai:

Located right before the main intersection in Liberia, Grupo Q offers Chevrolets and Hyundais. Chevys cater to both urban and rural lifestyles, making them a versatile choice. At Grupo Q you can pick up a Chevy Colorado, Captiva, or Blazer. Hyundai has also gained popularity in Costa Rica for its innovative designs and affordability. You can find an array of models, such as the Tucson, Santa Fe, and Creta, which offer both style and efficiency for your daily commute or weekend getaways.

Honda FACO Liberia:

Honda is another reliable choice for those seeking quality vehicles. Honda FACO, located near the Solarium across the street from the Liberia International Airport, showcases models like the Honda CR-V, Honda Ridgeline, and Honda Civic. Hondas are known for their fuel efficiency and safety features.

Agencia Datsun Nissan Liberia

Vehicles on a truck

Nissan has a strong presence in Guanacaste with its dealership located right across from the Liberia International Airport. The Nissan Frontier, X-Trail, and Qashqai are among the models you can find here, catering to a variety of preferences and needs.

Agencia Kia Liberia

Kia offers a range of stylish and affordable vehicles, including the Kia Sportage or Kia Sorento. Located near Liberia, only 4 kilometers after Liberia International Airport.

Veinsa Motors

Veinsa Motors located in Guardia is actually the closest car dealership, less than 20 minutes from Playa Hermosa or Playas del Coco. This dealership sells MITSUBISHI, SSANGYONG, CITROEN, PEUGEOT, GEELY, JMC, MAHINDRA, MASERATI, FARIZON and WELTMEISTER. Talk about options!

Whether you're a local resident or a visitor looking to explore the province's natural beauty, having a reliable vehicle is essential. The car dealerships in Liberia offer a variety of choices, from rugged off-road options to stylish city cars. Consider your needs, budget, and lifestyle when choosing the right vehicle for your adventures in this stunning region of Costa Rica. No matter which dealership you visit, you can be confident that you'll find the latest wheels to suit your needs and preferences. Any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out and I will be happy to assist you!

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