Shopping Options in Playas del Coco

Link to Costa Rica property listingsThe Playa Hermosa and Playa del Coco area of Costa Rica has so many great grocery stores for shopping because sooner or later you just need to stock the refrigerator with items. Where do you go for the staples? What if you need to buy something larger like appliances, housewares, or electronics? In recent years, the infrastructure has expanded rapidly in the area and so have the shopping options. Here is a list of grocery stores and other shopping options

shopping in Playas del Coco


Conveniently located in downtown Playas del Coco, AutoMercado has the widest selection of any grocery store chain in Costa Rica. You’ll find a wide variety of imported wine and cheese as well as an array of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. The meat department includes a deli and a seafood section, and there’s a bakery with specialty loaves and pastries. Because of its wide selection, Automercado may be the only place to find that special taste you miss from back home. The prices are higher than other shopping opportunities, but the quality and service are second to none.

Luperon supermarket in Playas del Coco


This is a family run grocery store that has been a landmark in Playas Del Coco for over 30 years. The selection is good and you will be surprised at the selection. Luperon is a full-service grocery store for all your food shopping needs with butcher and deli section, bakery, fresh produce and of course dairy and dry good. They also have a great selection of wines and liquor if that is your desire. The staff is very friendly and willing to assist. This is where I do most of my shopping

Super Compro supermarket in Playas del Coco

Mega Super and Super Compro

These are 2 other national brands in Playa Del coco. Both stores cater more towards the local market, however that are full-service grocery store.

Walmart in Costa Rica


Yes, I wrote Walmart! Some hate it some love it. The first time you step into a Walmart in Costa Rica, it will seem both familiar and strange at the same time. That’s because it’s basically a hybrid–part North American Walmart and part Costa Rican supermarket. It offers local products as well as some of the brands that you’re used to seeing in North America. The Walmart brand “Great Value” has arrived! The local and international foods are side by side on the shelves much like the Ticos and Gringos happily coexist around the Gulf of Papagayo. The grocery section of the store has a produce department, meat counter, and deli. Like Supercenters in North America, Walmart in Costa Rica sells clothing, housewares, sporting goods, electronics, home appliances, and more. The presence of Walmart in the country has lowered the price of many items including cheese, chips, and canned goods. Walmart is located just 5 miles east of the Liberia International Airport and only a half-hour drive from the beach.

PriceSmart in Costa Rica


PriceSmart is Costa Rica’s shopping answer to Costco and Sam’s Club. Like them, it requires a membership to shop. Presently, the annual fee is $35 and includes cards for two family members. Also like Costco and Sam’s, almost everything is sized extra large. The big packages can translate into big savings on things like pickles, peanut butter, and mayonnaise if you have room to store them. PriceSmart is also a good source for pet food and supplies. Its inventory includes many items to outfit a household: appliances, mattresses, linens, and the like. There is a tire and battery shop, a selection of tools, and furniture. Did I mention clothing and electronics? You can find almost anything in PriceSmart. And don’t forget to pick up a pizza or roasted chicken while you’re there–they’re made fresh every day right in the store. You’ll find the newly opened PriceSmart right in front of the Liberia airport.

Importadora Monge in Costa Rica

Importada Monge and El Gollo

These 2 stores, located right in Playas Del Coco, are basically appliance stores. Need a new coffee maker? How about a new washer/dryer or rice cooker? Don’t be surprised when you pull into their parking lot and see motorcycles or scooters for sale, they sell these as well – along with computers, cell phones and everything electronic for the house. This could be a one stop shopping experience for your electronic needs

When making Playas del Coco your home base, rest assured there are good shopping opportunities to be had without the hassle of having to drive to the capital, San Jose.

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