Restaurants in Playa Hermosa, Playas del Coco, Playa Panama, and Ocotal

Restaurants in the Playa Hermosa Area

There are more restaurants in Playa Hermosa, Playas del Coco, Playa Panama, and Playa Ocotal than one would expect. Most are within walking distance, of course, that all depends on where you are staying while you are here. I am not reviewing or endorsing any of them, as everyone has different tastes, but I can say this: I have patronized almost all and will continue to do so. So here is a list of the restaurants. Some are located in hotels and I have included links to their websites if they have one. If I could not find a website link, I added the Trip Advisor link so you could see how other patrons have rated them. Below each section is a Google Earth map of each town with a pinpoint for each restaurant for ease of use. Hours of operation are subject to change. I had to add the declaimer!

So let’s start off with Playa Hermosa, my hometown!


Niromi - International and local cuisine located in the Hotel Bosque Del Mar. Right on the beach in Playa Hermosa. Enjoy the sound of the surf for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner!



Hotel Villa Del Sueno - International cuisine located one block from the beach in a very peaceful location surrounded by lush tropical landscaping. Open from Dec. to April for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The rest of the year, breakfast only. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT from Dec 26 to Easter.



Bocelli - Italian cuisine along with wood fire oven pizzas. Located on the first beach entrance and a part of Villas Playa Hermosa Hotel.



Coco Viquez - A traditional Costa Rica “soda” restaurant located on the second beach entrance in front and part of the Hotel and Villa Huetares. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Ginger Restaurant Bar - Asian tapas with international flare located on the main road in Playa Hermosa. Great for cocktails in a modern tree house setting. Open at 5pm for dinner only.



Villa Acacia - Traditional local food and pizza. Located on the second beach entrance open for lunch and dinner.



La Casita del Marisco - Fresh seafood and grilled steaks. Located on the north end of Playa Hermosa, right on the beach. Great place to watch the sunset and enjoy dinner. Open for lunch and dinner.



Roberto’s Bar and Restaurant - Fresh Seafood and international dishes. Located right on the beach in La Gaviota Tropical B&B. Great atmosphere and perfect place for a morning cup of coffee! Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



El Velero Hotel Bar and Restaurant - Continental cuisine located right on the beach. Perfect for sunsets. Great themed nights and live music. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Aqua Sport - Peruvian beachfront restaurant with local and traditional cuisine as well. Relaxed vibes with live music and comfortable seating. Located right on the beach in Playa Hermosa. Open for lunch and dinner.



La Ventana De Ranchito - The place to go for a pizza or other quick bites to eat. Quick service and good prices. Located on the second beach entrance. Open for lunch and dinner.;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=381014072




FoodNication - Located in the Hermosa del Mar shopping center, 100 meters south of Condovac. Fresh & vibrant food, FoodNication has something for everyone! Enjoy fabulous drinks and top it all off with some delicious gelato. Open for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.ágina-principal




Paw House Roasters - Located in Hermosa Heights, Paw House is a coffee shop, bakery, & wine bar... A trifecta! Enjoy freshly roasted coffee with phenomenal pastries or sit down to a glass of wine and enjoy the atmosphere. The best part is Paw House Roasters is a coporate sponsor of Vida Sostenible Costa Rica, a non-profit founded in Carillo.






Restaurants in the Playa del Coco Area

Since Playa Del Coco is much larger than Playa Hermosa there are at least 6 times the restaurants/bars in Coco than Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama, and Playa Ocotal combined. There is always something for everyone! From local Costa Rican cuisine to burgers and pizzas to some very nice upscale dining experiences with a touch of flare. As well as fresh sushi, Spanish, Lebanese, Greek, you name it!  You will just have to come on down to paradise and try them for yourself. I have tried to add a Tripadvisor link or their website to each one mentioned. Not all restaurants are listed, as some come and go before you even get to try them. However this list is of long standing places that have been around for a year or longer.


Bambu - Right on the beach in Playas del Coco, on the boardwalk. Great variety of sandwiches and cold beer. Nice atmosphere! Open for lunch and dinner.



Hot Wok - On the main street in Coco, next to Coopeguancaste. Tasty Asain food restaurant with fresh ingrediants and a variety of flavors. Air conditioned and well priced! Open for lunch and dinner.



Bar El Ancla - At the end on main street Coco, first bar on the beach. Great atmosphere, typical bar food, and the sounds of the ocean. Open for brunch, lunch, and dinner.



The Lookout - Fresh seafood and oyster bar, open for happy hour and dinner. Located in the Hotel Chantel, high on the hill in Playa del Coco. Spectacular views and featured on Netflix.



Il Gusto de Vida - On the main street in Coco, across from Coopeguanacaste. Authentic Italian food. Open for lunch and dinner.



Coconutz – On the main street in Coco, American style food. Really great wings, burgers, and live music. Fantastic sports bar with plenty of TV’s.



Zi Lounge – On the main street in Coco, continental cuisine. There is always something happening at Zi Lounge! Open for lunch and dinner.



Café de Playa – Right on the beach in Coco, towards the north end on the Chorrera road, next to Pacifico Beach Club. Open for lunch and dinner. International food with a beautiful setting.



Hotel Coco Palms - Off of the main road in Coco, across from the soccer field. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy sushi and Asian inspired dishes as well as traditional meals.



Villa Italia Restaurant – Right on the main strip of Coco. Open only for dinner but some of the best Italian food in the area. Authentic and exceptional food along with beautiful decor.



Papagayo Seafood - Right on the main strip of Coco. Open for lunch and dinner. Seafood at its very best and super fresh. This restaurant is a Coco staple and has been here a long time.



Subway Yes we have one of those here as well! Located in the Auto Mercado strip mall in front of the Pacifico Development on main road in Playas Del Coco.  No need for any reviews... as you know what you get. If not don’t bother! It is the same as in The US, Canada or anywhere else in the world.


Taste of Texas –  On the main strip, in the shops of the Coco Beach Hotel. Open for lunch and dinner. Delightful BBQ, smoked meats, and burgers.



Claudio & Gloria - Right on the beach, just a few yards from the main road that intersects at the beach and heads north (turn right); Mediterranean style cuisine and delicious seafood. Open lunch and dinner, also has a small beach front bar.



Pato Loco –​ Located on the main road of Coco, as your entering the town. Open only for breakfast. Traditional American and Italian food.



Jardin Tropical – A typical Costa Rica Restaurant/Soda! Almost on the beach, on the main road in Coco. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Soda La Terisita - Typical “tico” or Costa Rica cuisine, right by the beach at the end of the main road in Playa del Coco. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




Le COQ - Another great option on the main strip in Coco. Casual style featuring fantastic traditional Lebanese food and definitely some of the best hummus around!



Soda Mediterranea – Located in the Pueblito of Las Palmas on the Chorrera road, along the beach in Coco. Great fresh seafood grilled to perfection. Open for dinner only.




Santorini - Right on the main street in Coco, center of town. Fabulous Greek and Mediterranean food. Super fresh and delicious. Open for lunch and dinner.



Cafe CorazonRight on the main street in Coco, towards the end near the beach. Great coffee with a relaxed environment. Perfect for breakfast! Open breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Garden Bar - Located on the way to Las Palmas, turn right down Avenida Cangrejos. Sandwiches, sushi and great cocktails. Daily events and activities. Open for lunch and dinner.



Sugoi - Located in Coco Bay Estates, off of the road going towards Ocotal. Phenomenal Asian and Mexican cuisine. Great service and beautiful location. Open for lunch and dinner.



Jimmy's Burger - Right on the main street in Playa del Coco. Hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, nachos, and more! Great for some food on the go. Open for lunch and dinner. 



Yummy Diner - On the main street in Coco, right next to Super Compro. All American diner food and desserts with a 50's flare. Daily deals. Open for brunch, lunch, and dinner.



50's Frozen Yogurt - On the main street of Coco. This is the place to go for a sweet treat! Crepes, waffles, milkshakes, and more. Open from 10:00am to 7:00pm.



Heladeria Italiana 0039 - On the main street of Coco. The best Italian gelato around! Endless option of flavors and other sweet treats. Open from 8:15am - 9:00pm.



El Capricio Mexican Restaurant & Bar - Located on the main street of Coco. Fantastic Mexican food and incredible drinks! Colorful, fun, and bright atmosphere!





















Taproom Bistro CR  - Located in the shops of Pacifico, across the street from Automercado. Enjoy Numu craft beer and world class food from Chef Nicolas Devenelle. There is plenty of space for large groups and a beautiful outdoor dining area.



Buzzed Monkey - Right behind Plaza Costa Mar, off of Calle La Chorrera. One of the only places to get real southern smoked meats along with killer homemade sides!



Atizo - Located in front of the Ladera del Mar community, Atizo is a tranquil garden oasis. This beautiful restaurant has one of a kind dishes, freshly baked bread, and gorgeous cocktails. An ideal place for sharing a meal with many friends.




 Mar Azul - Near Las Palmas, Mar Azul is located on the road that takes you up Cacique hill. This is an icredible seafood reastaurant! You can choose from indoor AC seating or outside seating. After dinner you can purchase fresh seafood right from their fish market!




Best Burger - Inside Plaza Costa Mar you will find the most delicious JUICY burgers and spectacular milkshakes! The name truly does lie... Best Burger is the place to go to fullfill your burger cravings!




Chorotacos - Step inside Pueblito Sur in Las Palmas and you will find Chorotacos. Gourmet tacos, burritos, bowls, salads and quesadillas... top it off with fresh salsas or homemade hot sauce and you're in heaven!




Nikkei - Located inside the Pacifico Village shops, across from the Automercado. Nikkei is a fushion restaurant offering a mix of asain/peruvian dishes. Get ready for some interesting twists and flavors along with incredible cocktails!




Masala - On main street Coco, right next to Coconutz, Masala offers INCREDIBLE Indian food! You will be blown away by the incredible flavors created by hand ground spices and a tandoori oven! The perfect place to go with a large group of friends or family to share a wonderful meal. 




CAVA by Bambu - Located on the main street in Playas del Coco, across from Banco Nacional. CAVA has an incredible selection of hard to find wines and hard liquors. Paired nicely with a tapas menu, CAVA is great for date night!




La Caribena - Located right before the Pulmitan bus station, off the main road into Coco. La Caribena offers delicious carribean/latin/jamaican food! This place is bursting with flavor. Be sure to check it out. Open for lunch & dinner.




Verde Salvia - On the main street in Coco, in the center where the Coco Beach Hotel & Casino is located. Here you will find one of the best pizzas in the area as well as INCREDIBLE fresh pasta dishes! If you love italian food, you will love Verde Salvia.


Other Great Restaurants in the Playa del Coco Area Include:







Restaurants in the Playa Ocotal Area


Father Rooster - Right on the beach in Playa Ocotal. Fabulous beach bar that has been aroud since 1985. Amazing atmosphere, drinks, and views. Perfect spot to spend the day and evening. Open for lunch and dinner.



Maracuya Beach Club - Located in the Bahia Pez Vela Resort in Playa Ocotal. Fushion styled seafood and barbecue along with beautiful drinks. Open for lunch and dinner.





Restaurants in the Playa Panama Area


Hacienda Blu - Located on the southern end of Playa Panama, right on the beach. Fantastic atmosphere, beautiful food presentation, and great prices. A fushion of Mediterranean and South American flavors. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




Matiss - Located inside the El Mangroove Hotel, right on Playa Panama beach. Matiss draws you in with a casual yet beautiful beach atmosphere and a delicious menu! 6:00 am to 11:00 am: Breakfast Service / 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm: Dinner Service / 6:00 pm a 12:00 am: Bar Service




Peninsula CR. - Located in the Hacienda del Mar Club House in Playa Panama. Stunning ocean views and even better sunset views! This is the restaurant to go to for a fancy date night or sunset drinks, you wont be dissappointed.