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Guanacaste, Costa Rica by Joseph Emanuelli

Real information and stories from Guanacaste , Costa Rica. Presneted by a long time expat living and working in Costa Rica
Costa Rica, Playa Hermosa Guanacaste. A beach you can feel safe swimming in the Ocean

Hello from Sunny Playa Hermosa,

Today is just another beautiful day in Guanacaste, the sun is shining, there is a light breeze and as of writing this the temperature is 83 degrees. This morning while surfing the net, and trust me this is the only surfing I do, I came across this new article published in Diario Extra one of the local Spanish newspapers:  Authorities have identified the body of women found dead on Playa Avellana as a 72 year old vacationer and U.S. national. Cause of death is unclear, but it is suspected she either had a heart attack or drowned due to a strong currents and riptides or rip current. According to hotel managers, she was a guest at the Hacienda Pinilla in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste.

            This is truly a sad story and I send my heartfelt condolences to the family for their lose. The point I am making here is that this happens every year. People come to Costa Rica and southern parts of Guanacaste coast for vacation and to enjoy the pristine beaches we have on the Pacific coast. The problem is once you head further south than Playa Matapalo, three towns south of playa Hermosa, the beaches actually face straight due west which means the beaches are exposed to the full force of the Pacifico Ocean and winds. Riptides can be deadly, especially if you are not a good swimmer and they can come up out of nowhere and take you by surprise and suck you out to see. Here is a link to Wikipedia explaining what a riptide is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rip_current

            Now I am not trying to scare anyone here but it is important to know. The good thing about the beaches of the Papagayo region is that the contour of our land masses shaped like UU’s or bowls, with good size peninsulas sticking in to the ocean; helps prevent this phenomenon from happening. The other aspect is that the beaches of the Papagayo region actually face north northwest and has one of the largest peninsulas in Costa Rica sticking out into the Ocean. Even though it is the ocean it is actually called the Gulfo de Papagayo and is better protected from the heavy surf and seas.

            As you know I have been living here for over 5 years now and I have never heard of a riptide happening in any of the beach towns of this area. The great thing about Playa Hermosa is that we are right next to the opening of the Bahia Culebra, which is the big bay where the Papagayo Marina is located, and again because of the land contours we do not get the heave surf and waves.

            So if you are thinking of a place to vacation or purchase a second home for vacations or investment, Playa Hermosa is the place to be. The beach is clean, safe to swim in and no fears of riptides and strong currents. The best thing is there are no surfers to dodge, no giant waves to fear and no riptides while trying to take a nice easy swim.

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoy some of my rants, craziness and even some good information, if you want to make a comment just send me an email to jaaechef@gmail.com , my personal email address or post it here. If you have an interest in or are just curious about Costa Rica and the possibility of owning your own piece of Paradise just click this link and have a look around.


I look forward to hearing from you! May the Sun Shine on you no matter where you are!!

“Pura Vida” Pure Life Baby!!


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